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Since its inception, Bankai Group has been exemplifying a commitment towards innovative technologies to address the challenges emerging out of rapid technology advancements in Telecom and VAS businesses. With its integrated technologies that orchestrate and manage the complexities of telecom business, Bankai Group has emerged as a leader amongst Global Voice Carriers and up scaled amongst growing technology solution providers. Today, Bankai Group has established sustainable relations with leading 92 Tier 1, 2000+ Carrier Interconnects, 250,000 Retail Subscribers and Global Financial Institutions. Bankai Group, comprising several business units across the globe, performs in various business verticals of Voice Carriers, Telecom and VAS Technology Services. The Group has fused its various business drives with one another to achieve high competence and reduce risks of each other. The adjoining of different businesses has led to the customized arrangement, successful commercialization of technology and greater flexibility including licensing options. This could only be made possible, because of multidisciplinary expertise in the group. This kind of arrangement has a set of a robust platform for innovation and management. The arrangement for such business set up has provided optimization, reliability and adaptability for complex market needs. Bankai Group – completed 25 years in the telecom Industry, has been a prominent contributor in developing flexible and customized solutions like Complex Routing and Interconnect Billing, Mediation solutions coupled with Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Prepaid Switching and Next Generation Networks (NGN) for Telecom Industry. The Group with its aptitude of identifying early opportunities also developed Mobile Finance & Payment solutions for VAS industry and is also offering distinctive services of Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS). Bankai Group is devoted to help the telecom industry in meeting operational challenges head-on, by constantly developing leading-edge partnerships and strengthening its existing footprint across Americas, Africa, Europe and APAC.

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