Spectrum Intelligence Communications Agency (SICA)

SICASpectrum Intelligence Communications Agency ("SICA") is an expert in VoIP services and one of the fastest growing international long distance carriers in the US for 2014. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, SICA is a trusted partner for many of the world's voice service providers, fixed & mobile operators, VoIP solution & calling providers, as well as retail applications. We have a dedicated team of industry professionals located on three continents providing world class products at the highest service levels. Our aim is to provide our customers with unparalleled quality and reliability to ensure they can take premium products and services to the market quickly and easily. SICA only supports CLI.  (See: www.sicagotcli.com ) The SICA network is strategically located in Europe and the US.  With this geographical redundancy our state-of-the-art NOC monitors our network and traffic 24/7/365.  We operate our own intelligent routing system to dynamically adjust routing to achieve the premium quality the market demands. Spectrum is scheduled to launch Spectrum Europe by the second quarter of 2015. 


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