LinxThe London Internet Exchange (LINX) was formed in 1994 when five ISPs recognised that there were considerable operational benefits to exchanging traffic between their networks in the UK. It is now one of the largest Internet Exchange Point operators in the world, and is the largest membership association for Internet Service Providers and other major network operators. It provides peering services and public policy representation to over 565 members which includes well over 200 carriers. LINX has a presence at 11 London sites connected by secure fibre and DWDM links. In addition to its two London LANs, which run on state of the art Juniper Networks and Extreme Networks switch equipment, LINX operates three UK local exchanges in Manchester (IXManchester), Edinburgh (IXScotland) and Cardiff (IXCardiff). LINX was also the first European IXP to launch an exchange in the USA when its LINX NoVA site became operational in North Virginia at the beginning of 2014. The LINX London network currently handles around 5 Tb/sec of peak traffic, 2.4 Tb/sec of which is over public peering and covers more than 85% of the global routing table. 




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