Feroval Telefono

Ferovaltelefono associateFeroval Telefono was founded in 2012. Today, we are a top telecoms firm based in Cyprus with sub offices across Europe that has developed innovative telecom solutions that enable great savings for business and consumers alike with the aim to deliver an exceptional user experience. Over the past couple of years we have nurtured a collaborative partnership with major telecom operators around the globe to become a supplier of quality Wholesale Termination & Innovative Applications. We recognise that meeting the demands of a mobile future will require more than just implementing innovative applications. It will be about being the partner of choice for our customers. Considerable time and finance has been invested in the research and development of GOST “Gate over Sim Technology”. The GOST philosophy is to maintain an on-going relationship with customers to keep them aware of new trends and ensure our customers have access to the most economical calling rates available in the market place. We provide innovative mobile solutions that reduce operating costs and make businesses and individuals more productive. In the future, services such as Mobile payments & Money Management from GOST will be made available.


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