The Brazilian Network Information Center – was created to implement the decisions and projects designed by the Brazilin Internet Steering Committee –, which is responsible for the coordination and integration of all Internet service initiatives in the country. is the executive arm of the Its mission involves certain rights and obligations, which include:

registering and maintaining <.br> domain names, as well as allocating Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) and IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in the country throug;

handling and responding to computer security incidents involving networks connected to the Brazilian Internet, which are activities to be carried out by;

projects that support and improve the network infrastructure in the country, such as the direct interconnection between networks ( and the distribution of the Brazilian Official Time ( These projects are the responsibility of;

producing and publishing indicators, statistics and strategic information on the development of the Brazilian Internet, under the responsibility of;

promoting studies and recommending procedures, norms and technical and operational standards that will improve network and Internet service security, as well as ensure its increased and adequate use by society, as established by the;

providing technical and operational support to LACNIC, the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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