bright telecom

Initially offering voice services, Bright Telecom, which holds a US FCC 214 license, entered the market for point-to-point circuit provisioning. Bright Telecom’s focus has been on providing connectivity to and from the African continent. The founders’ vision has been to enhance the lives of the people of Africa by providing communication solutions. Communications form a cornerstone of emerging economies, boosting trade and providing much needed employment to the population of Africa.
With the above vision in mind, Bright Telecom delivers world-class communication solutions using satellite and fiber bandwidth, deploying state-of-the-art technology for its MPLS backbone connected to the Company’s points of presence in Djibouti, London, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Bright Telecom currently provides digital interconnections with full redundancy to enhance its products for wholesale carriers. To augment its existing network, Bright Telecom is in discussions with a number of consortiums to co-invest in submarine cable infrastructure connecting the Far East, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Bright Telecom manages its global operations with personnel and offices based in Virginia, U.S. and Dubai, U.A.E., thus providing the 24x7 support required to serve global carriers.

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