Ashan Global Inc

Ashan associate Ashan Global Inc Was found on 4th March 2009 in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong OFCA Office of the Communications Authority) issue SBO license (No. 1480) to Ashan on June 2009. Ashan Telecom Focus in VOIP wholesale service which means it is connected and exchange voice traffic with international telecom carriers through internet.  Ashan setup Canada branch office in 2011 for support North US customer and have IDC in USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and Guangzhou. Ashan Telecom is a professional wholesale Carrier that connects over 200 Tier 1 and Tier2 Carriers all over the world which include Telecom Malaysia, CTM, HGC, New World Telecom, WT&T, Bics, Korea Telecom, CHT&Tata Telecom.

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