Founded in Hong Kong in 2003, Yaband International (Asia) Limited officially came into VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) world. Then the branch offices were born in Guangzhou and Wuxi of China in the same year. In 2012 we extended our business by setting office in Netherlands. Yaband Telecom B.V. was opened which announcing the further march to European market. We dedicate to provide reliable products and services, and won good reputation from our global partners. Not only the wholesale and retail voice business have we engaged in, but also the related software development and technical support services.

Currently we are in possession of a Tier-1 telecom license in Cambodia. We have provided our premium service to more than 200 partners, who mainly are Tier-1 operators and Internet service providers, located in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. In 2013, Yaband totally achieved traffic up to 2 billion minutes. Till now Yaband developed his business networks covering all over the world. The new calling card business project is now under construction for the sake of favorable commercial expansion.

Yaband own six soft-switch centers, high-performance servers and stable networks directly connected with China Telecom IDC, China Unicom IDC, Dallas IDC, Amsterdam IDC and the Cambodia telecom network switching center. The employees in Yaband entirely have completed university degrees or above, and the professional research strength and technical support team enable us to advance rapidly. Nowadays, we are monitoring more than one hundred million calls monthly. Depending on the ability of providing a 7X24 uninterrupted service, we are longing for business connections and co-operations around the world.

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